Where To Buy Seaweed

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Where To Buy Seaweed

Find out what are the best places to buy seaweed.

Those who have just been made aware of the nutritional and medicinal values of herbs and seaweeds are among those who would probably ask their friends where to buy seaweed. Seaweeds, which are also known as sea vegetable, are available locally even if you do not leave near the coastal areas. However, these sea vegetables are not as fresh as the ones you can find in places that are near coastal communities.

Health and environment advocates would prefer their sea vegetable sourced from any of the local outlets not only for freshness value but because shipping does involve a lot of carbon footprint. Furthermore, sourcing your seaweeds, herbs and green locally would help in making the local industries sustainable.

However, if no sea vegetable is available in your area, then the next best option is of course to get them from other sources. But you can first check out the local Chinese grocery stores if they have some herbal plants and vegetables before you go elsewhere. Chinese stores usually keep a repository of herbs, vitamins C and other vitamins and health foods. You can also check the offerings of the local health food shops as they usually have a good supply of nori sheets which are seaweeds that contain vitamin c. There are also lots of local outlets that get their supply of green vegetables and herbs from seaweed producers in Asia and some European countries. The seaweed industry is a big industry and if you get your facts straight, you would realize that the Far East is actually benefitting from this enormous industry. Watch out for the coastal communities of Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and the Philippines as there are the areas where the seaweed industry is very much alive. If you are asked where to buy seaweeds in these areas, the best source would of course be the marketplace as you will find fresh and cheap seaweed and sea vegetables. And if you think seaweeds are only used for salads and for body wraps then wait until you hear about the new seaweed noodles in Tiwi, Albay in the Philippines. Because of this discovery, seaweeds can now be turned into the delicious and world-class carbonara or the local Asian delicacy known as pancit luglug. Seaweeds can be found anywhere and in various other names. Imagine this. Japan's nori, Korea's gim and China's zicao--all of these are made of seaweeds. Agar agar and carrageen, which are extracted from seaweeds, are used for desserts and beverages, meat and poultry products and even in confectionary. Even adhesives, textile printing and other industrial products contain seaweeds. The use of seaweed in just about every industry makes the question where to buy seaweed very easy to answer. Seaweed can be found in the local grocery, the neighborhood health food store, even in the supermarket. Seaweed is actually everywhere and you can bet your hard-earned money you can even find seaweed in the hardware store. Seaweed products are actually everywhere. You just need to ask.

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